• ASC Shipyard Development

    Design and construction activities undertaken included refurbishment of a number of existing buildings, provision of site wide services infrastructure including sewer, stormwater, pavements, car parking, electrical, communications & security systems, industrial & other gas distribution systems, and construction of a series of new industrial & support buildings and structures for the Advanced Warfare Destroyer program for ASC, including:

    • Pre Out fit Workshop - incorporating multi level support tower containing services, offices, amenities and storage areas. (Approx 3,800 sqm)
    • Wharf Support Building - incorporating office accommodation for up to 75 people, work shops, amenities and storage. (Two level building approximately 1,000 sqm/level)
    • Administration and program support building - incorporating office accommodation for up to 350 people, 100 seat canteen & corporate support facilities
    • Electrical Workshop (Approximately 1,000 sqm)
    • Security support building
    • Site civil and pavement construction to support shipbuilding activities.
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