• Adelaide Studios

    The Adelaide Studios (Film and Screen Centre) is located as part of the heritage Glenside Campus.

    The heritage-listed main administration building of approximately 4,800 sqm  has been upgraded to accommodate the administration activities of the SA Film Corporation and the balance upgraded for lease to businesses related to the screen and film industry. Other heritage buildings (approximately 2,000 sqm) in the immediate precinct are intended to be adapted at a later date for film industry or related industry use.

    A new building complex was constructed to provide for two sound studios (approximately 1,400 sqm in total), a set construction workshop (approximately 700 sqm) and a small screening theatre and mixing theatre (approximately 600 sqm). In addition, the building complex now accommodates other functions such as wardrobe/make-up and post-production editing and mixing etc (approximately 600 sqm). Views to the heritage buildings from Fullarton Road have been maintained.


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